MegaFit Workout Program & Nutrition Guide

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MegaFit Workout Program and nutrition Guide aims to make fitness and healthy eating a simple part of your daily routine.

Guide includes a complete 5-day per week At Home Program that requires one set of dumbbells, bands and bodyweight.  At Home Program workouts alternate between upper body, high intensity, lower body strength, and abdominal training and targets fat-loss, muscle and strength gain.  While this guide is ideal for at-home workouts, it can ALSO be utilized in the gym, while traveling, or whenever you have access to a little equipment! Guide also includes a HIIT Challenge & Abdominal Program that can be done in conjunction with your At Home Program.    

Based on popular demand we also included the Glute Building Program and Glute Band Program both designed to specifically help tone, shape, strengthen, lift and build your booty! Each workout can mostly be done in the comfort of your own home! Combine these 2 programs with a sound nutrition program (not included) for the fastest and ultimate results!

Each muscle group is targeted using many different challenging, yet fun techniques.

These workouts will challenge you whether you are brand new to fitness or highly experienced.  


In addition to 5 different training programs I share my Top Tips to Weight Loss and Nutrition Tips that have helped not only me but also hundreds of my clients not only lose the weight but also keep it off for good!!  



  • 1) Complete 5-day per week At Home Program 
  • 2) HIIT Challenge- Add this in conjunction with At Home Program 
  • 3) Glute Building Program 
  • 4) Glute Band Program (Bands not included) 
  • 5) Abdominal Program-  Add this workout in conjunction with your At Home Program  
  • 6) Nutrition Tips & Healthy Food choices for proteins, carbohydrates and fats 
  • 7) 10 Tips Weight Loss
  • 8) A complete Breakdown of Macronutrients and Micronutrients 

This is a PDF program; therefore, it can be easily downloaded to your smart phone or any device and taken wherever you go! Program never expires once downloaded it's yours to keep forever!





The At Home Program, HIIT Challenge & Abdominal Training Program should be done for 8- weeks for max results, but can be repeated for longer and will continue to be effective.  

This is a 5 day per week program with 2 rest days.    

Glute Building Program and Glute Band Program are recommended to perform 2 times per week for 12 weeks for max results.     


  • 1 set of Dumbbells 
    • Beginner 5-10 lbs
    • Advanced 12-20 lbs 
  • *Glute Bands 



1 Fabric Band

Ankle strap