BodyTeam Fabric Resistance Band S, M, or L

BodyTeam Fabric Resistance Band S, M, or L

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BodyTeam Fabric Resistance Band S, M, or L

BodyTeam Fabric Resistance Band S, M, or L

Regular price $19.99 USD
Regular price $24.99 USD Sale price $19.99 USD
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Step Up Your Game! 

Add extra resistance to your workout for better results with this super soft fabric resistance band. Strong, non-rolling bands built to last.

The band works great for such exercises as:

  • Pink-Small 32cm length
  • Medium-Purple 36cm length
  • Large-Light blue 42cm length

  • Hip Band Squats
  • Narrow Stance lunges
  • Glute Bridge/Hip Thrusts
  • Abductor and Adductor Exercises
  • Walking Side/Forward Step
  • Thighs and Quad Workout

  • Who We Are

    We are bodyteam

    Meet the 4 women who are passionate about fitness. Have found their calling in helping and uplifting others and want you to succeed as bad as you do. BodyTeam Coaches are all moms who love teaching other women to love themselves and feel empowered through fitness.

    Meet our Coaches

    We’ve helped hundreds of women reach their fitness goals since 2015

    We guarantee you FINALLY get what you've always wanted: Whether you are looking for that Bikini Body, shed a few pounds OR simply want to gain all the confidence in yourself; BodyTeam Coaches are ready to help you. You have found coaches who don't just carry the latest nutrition and personal training certifications (we do have those too), but we are actually active fitness competitors! We build bikini bodies and have successfully coached 100's do the same! Even those who thought they never could.

    Join the team

    16 wks

    Average Weeks
    It takes an average of 16 weeks for a tranformation

    20 lbs

    Average weight loss
    On average we are seeing 20 lb weight loss


    Average Fat Loss
    on average we are seeing 10% fat loss

    50 +

    First Place Winners
    BT has earned over 50 1st place trophies

    Our client results

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, we do not offer personal training. However, you will have a completely customized program that includes video exercise demonstrations to ensure you have proper form and complete understanding of your customized program.

    No, and if you did BodyTeam would not be part of it. We do suggest supplements but all natural and nothing that may be harmful to your body. We strongly believe that proper nutrition, training, cardio and good ol’ fashion hard work and grit will achieve that winning physique.

    Absolutely not! The goal is not to drop your calories to any dangerous or harmful levels.  Lowering calories to a harmful level can really ruin your metabolism and that is not the goal during a show prep.

    Each client is different, and it will depend on your current physique and if you competed before to really give an accurate time frame.  However, on average for a seasoned competitor it could take 12 weeks and a first-time competitor could be 16-20 weeks.  Some of the time given is simply to allow you to find a good routine and groove that works for you.

    On average it will be 5-6 days per week for weight training and cardio.