BodyTeam Coaching


You did it, you have found the solution to achieving the body of your dreams! Whew! At BodyTeam Coaching, we guarantee you FINALLY get what you've always wanted: Whether you are looking for that Bikini Body, shed a few pounds OR simply want to gain all the confidence in yourself; BodyTeam Coaches are ready to help you.  You have found coaches who don't just carry the latest nutrition and personal training certifications (we do have those too), but we are actually active fitness competitors! We build bikini bodies and have successfully coached others do the same! Even from scratch.

You've tried all the diets and workout plans. You are constantly inundated with fitness products that promise results but deliver little change. There is so much noise out there, it can be incredibly frustrating and confusing. Let us help you! We are here to make fitness ridiculously simple. We've coached hundreds of lifestyle AND bikini fitness competitors that started right where you are and within a short period of time, they achieved LONG LASTING goals.  We can do the same thing with you! Trust us when we say, the body you want is now closer than you can imagine. Let us show you how! 

The BodyTeam difference: We care if you get the fitness results you dream about. Whether you are considering a fitness competition or not, your decision to train with BodyTeam comes with a 100% money-back, iron-clad, no b.s. guarantee. All you need to do is follow the plans that are laid out for you and your results are sure to follow. We have two options for you: Lifestyle and Competition. If you want to compete, we got you. If you don't want to compete but want to look great in a bikini, we got you there too. Take a look at our products below and feel free to get your free consult here.